‘Make your own singing bowl’ with Ton Akkermans



It is possible, to make your own singing bowl! I have experienced the process of forging and hammering several times overseas. After some moving belgian editions,  we will have another weekend of working in the forge. 

The making of a singing bowl is a artisanal and meditative process. After a meditation you will cut a round piece of brass and file the rim smooth and flat. Then you’ll heat this disc in the fire, which is always an exciting moment. The color changes, flames dance around your emerging bowl. The metal is cooled in water and then polished to eliminate all the dirt before you start hammering. And then you go to work with anvil and Coppersmith hammer. You find yourself the ideal spot in the garden or in the tent. The beginning is always difficult but once you’ve found the right rhythm, it’s fun and even addictive.

Every now and then your process of creation might have a alchemical character. Through meditation and intention, your bowl will get the sound and the energy that you have put in it. But this also means that the bowl is a mirror for his maker, with the necessary obstacles to overcome. Harsh and resistant metal might give you some difficult moments. But in the end, it’s always a celebration when the bowl is ready and the magical process of the alchemist in you is fulfilled. Together with his partner Carolina, Ton guides you to keep the process on  track with a wonderful sense of timing so everyone goes home with his personal bowl.

To make a singing bowl you need all the elements: wood, metal, water, fire, air and solid ground. This year we bring all those elements to the garden in bierbeek. The Sun also is invited. If there is rain we can work in a tent and in the hall.

ton en Carol

Ton Akkermans has worked for over 18 years in the child psychiatry as Anthroposophical educator and was teacher of art education at the free School. He is also a restoration blacksmith and Coppersmith and has often worked with artists. When asked to restore singing bowls, he learned in his way to listen to the sound. He understood something about the way the singing bowls were originally made, and shares this understanding of the process with a lot of patience and simplicity during workshops. Ton has meanwhile refined skills and makes therapeutic and meditative sound instruments.

Date 2019 will be announced later

Oude Geldenaaksebaan 23, 3360 Bierbeek, Belgium
You will receive a detailed route description after registration.

€ 390 lunch, coffee and tea included. All the necessary material is present.  This price does not include the material of your bowl. When finished, your singing bowl will be weighed and you pay the current price for the metal (+/-25 € to 40 €)
Max. 10 to 12 participants

Ton Akkermans and Carolina Schomper, assisted by Greet Wielemans

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